'EAST': A Relationship is primarily a short film about how an individual's relationship with people shaped her relationship with the land. The logo reads, 'EAST' alif / ya / seen / tah, in Arabic kulfic script. EAST, is where she comes from, the Middle East and South Asia, and it is also her location in relation to Toronto, i.e. Scarborough. Her relationship to EAST, both locations, have impacted her social standing, and social community. 

Through voice-over, she communicates the crisis of having been robbed of a homeland, while also settling and being complicit of the destruction of the home of Indigenous peoples. The heavy imagery of graveyards depicts the years in her life where she lost key members of her family. While burying them in the ground, she realized that her responsibility as a settler was critical, since there was no return home for herself and her community. EAST is a letter to her South Asian community to try to part from the past, and look at our current lives, where we (need to learn to) share the land.


Writer, Director & Producer - Noor Khan

Videographer & Editor - Kariza Santos

Drone Operator - Marlon Aldrin T. Sidlacan

Graphic Designer & Animator - Jonathan Delgado-Bosso

Sound Editor + Designer - Eric Slyfield

Audio Technician - Ramisa Tasfia



Voice Over - Sumia Ali


Supported by:

University of Toronto Scarborough

CUE Art Projects

SKETCH Working Arts