PostScript is an upcoming documentary short film and musical experience, distributed as a double screen installation, exploring the geographical intersections of Parkdale and Scarborough. Footage of each place sits side-by-side, unraveling similar stories and conditions that continue to create socioeconomic disparities during the colonial and postcolonial era. With attention to sound design, PostScript alienates imagery from sound to create another dimension of storytelling that focuses on the obstacles in the way of building and sustaining loving relationships in marginalized communities. P.S. stands for Parkdale and Scarborough- suitably also short for “postscript” for all afterthoughts written after the letter has been signed. Policy-making in Toronto has caused both Parkdale and Scarborough to suffer, as the two regions are afterthoughts compared to more affluent neighbourhoods  (therefore, P.S.) Due to adversity, many relationships and families suffer, impacting generations after.


Borough Dr., Scarborough

Gallery 1313, Parkdale


Community Call Out:

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